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Holiday Series

These were written for the hp_kris_kringle challenge. Written for jazzyjello who wanted Pansy/Ron. These are in a series, one per week.

Title: Cheer's Gone On Holiday
Rating: PG
Word Count: 752
A/N: Hopefully this will turn into a series. It’s fun to write Pansy again. It’s set as a possible Hogwarts AU, but not a drastically different one. Just a fluffer one, perhaps.

It was freezing, heating charm or not, Pansy thought. If it wasn’t for the holiday shopping left to do, she would be curled around the common room fire, warming up and watching all her classmates make fools over themselves while looking for the perfect present and how to wrap it. Of course, she would do no such thing. A lack of confidence, even a single moment, was a signal to the vipers within the dorms that someone was weak. Parkinsons were never weak.

Looking for a present for that miserable cow she called sister explained the last bit of shopping in Hogsmeade. Charlotte was a pain in the arse to shop for since their parents spoiled her rotten. Being eight certainly held it’s own privileges, and being an unexpected Christmas Eve “gift” didn’t hurt either. That meant she had to find some present that was “adorable but worthy of a Parkinson, and of course, frighteningly expensive,” according to her mother.

Walking through the shops with Daphne and Millicent slightly behind her, she was aware of an occasional a redhead popping up along the racks. There could only be one boy with that hair, and she was doing everything she could to ignore said person. The very idea he was in the same class of shops made her wonder if she shouldn’t change her family’s patronage, though his father was making more money now, along with those deplorable twins. She hadn’t forgiven them for shoving Montague in the toilet. Unaware of the undercurrent of her thoughts, Millicent and Daphne clucked the latest school gossip and rumors, which was listened with a half ear to since knowing an enemy’s moves was a wise strategy after all.

She noted that the boy Weasley purchased an above moderate priced perfume, several jumpers that looked to be made for males, a Quidditch scarf, a used book that must be for Granger, and various knickknacks and gags for the rest of his family. Overall, his purchases didn’t really rise much higher than his previous years’ fares. Sneering when he glanced her way, she didn’t see the point in buying used or insignificant gifts. At least let people know you spent the money on them, for Merlin’s sake. Not that she wouldn’t mind getting a present from someone – something unexpected and feminine that said "Just a trinket because I was thinking of you.” But she’d never voice it allowed, especially in the hearing of that blood traitor, even if he had grown a bit into his body and wasn’t all that vile looking.

Motioning that they were leaving, she looked briefly at a necklace that had teeny stars cut out of a larger one. It was adorable, but very kitschy, not something she would be caught in. Shaking her head, she focused on purchasing Charlotte’s stupid present so she could go back to school and end this chilly day. Finally three shops later she bought the wretched child a silver-and-jade brush, with a fancy script C in small oval on the end of the handle. It cost a good bit and the brat should be grateful she was given anything at all.

When she returned back to her room that evening, she found a parcel waiting, more than likely left by an owl or the elves and not a schoolmate. Tapping it with her wand, she couldn’t find a curse or explosive inside. Untying the big silver bow slowly and lifting the tape along the sides of the wrapping paper, she found a small jewelry box. Curious now, a thin blood red nail felt for the seam. Finding it, she opened the box with care and gasped when she noticed the necklace inside. It was the same one that caught her attention at the store. Of course, she couldn’t wear it, but it would look nice in theory. Pondering, Pansy wondered who had been in the shop during that quick observation: a few useless Hufflepuffs, Weasley, her group plus a few random no one Slytherins, one Ravenclaw boy she vaguely thought was seeing Weasley’s sister, and the shop owner. No one would have noticed her interest since they had all been focused on shopping.

Shaking her head, she almost missed the note attached, “From your personal Kris Kringle.” Nothing else was mentioned, or acknowledged. Holidays around this castle were boring, and this brightened up the next several weeks greatly. She personally thought this would be an interesting mystery to solve…and made her wonder what else was yet to come.

Title: The Unexpected Package
Rating: PG
Word Count: 527
Theme: Carols (Week 2)
A/N: Sorry this is late! Something came up with my offline Christmas presents and I had to deal with that when I wasn’t working. This is the second installment of the series.

Inside the halls of Hogwarts, holiday cheer was even singing from the walls. “Have a holly jolly Christmas!” was the painting Vi’s favorite carol, and the warbling could be heard down all the way to the kitchen. It was a horrid rendition, and even the most tolerate of students had appealed to the Head Mistress to please keep the woman from singing. There was nothing to be done though, since the paintings were part of the enchantment Dumbledore had implemented years before.

A few bright students had found a rather thorough method though by using the silencio spell on each other when they were attempting to study for the tests before break. No one bothered to credit the Slytherins with the tactic however, and that annoyed the queen of the house greatly. After all, if they had not told a few Ravenclaws, who told several Hufflepuffs, who spread the word to the Gryffindors, then everyone would be failing miserably. Even the teachers had decided to use the method on occasion, especially when teaching a particularly difficult lesson.

Of course, since that blasted present had arrived, she had been surlier than usual; even Millicent had backed off, only speaking when absolute necessarily, considering the girl rather enjoyed the use of her vocal chords on occasion. Everyone had given Pansy a wide berth, especially the more perceptive students. That unfortunately had not included a ginger-haired Gryffindor who had thought to speak against a Slytherin first year. While she may not think the first years were very important, they were in her house and would be defended. If it had been a Slytherin saying such, it would be been excusable, but an inept Gryffindor really had no right. With a straight spine, sneer that would have made her former boyfriend proud, and a cutthroat attitude, she hexed the boy to resemble a Christmas package: dressed all in green, gold, silver and red the same color as that grotesque red of his hair. The hex couldn’t be lifted by anyone but a teacher, so for the rest of the day while the teachers were all teaching, Ron Weasley was forced to stay that way, even with a bow placed on the top of his head.

The incident made the girl feel marginally better, so she sent that brat of a sister another present: a picture of Weasley, so her sister could see just what happened when someone of lesser quality tried to best a Parkinson. Knowing Charlotte, she understood the message perfectly.

Though, now Pansy still had to find whoever sent that present. At least she could mark that buffoon Weasley off the list. Of course, that left very few students, but really, only a stupid person would send a present and then manage to get himself hexed. And anyone that had the great taste to know she was the best clearly wasn’t stupid. Perhaps Michael Corner had sent it; after all, before his debacle with the Weasley girl, he had been interested in her. And why settle for a mere peasant when you have a queen available. It was time to make her move, let him know she was interested.

Title: Under The Mistletoe
Rating: PG
Word Count: 411
Theme: Mistletoe
A/N: Third installment. One more left. This one is a bit short I know. The next should make it better.

Pansy waited for Michael in the Great Hall’s doorway, ready to pull him close to put the poor dear out of his misery. After all, he did think to buy her the present. Dressed in green, the same color as the vert on Slytherin robes, hair charmed to fall softly around and frame her face, with minimal beauty enhancement, she looked very well put together. Of course, paying a small fortune to look that simplistic put a slight damper on her bank account, but it was for a good cause, so her mother would understand. After all, boys were very important, especially in the hierarchy. He was intelligent enough to make both her parents happy.

Students walked past, sometimes shooting puzzling looks towards each other in reference to her unusual place by the door. Normally she would be holding court at the Slytherin table, speaking ill and generally being a bitch. The buzz spread through the room and when Michael reached the hallway, everyone was watching out of the corners of their eyes.

“Michael, would you please come over here for a moment?” Positioning just above the mistletoe, lips a pale shimmering pink, enough to call attention to them in contrast with her nearly black hair, she waited. A slightly confused look on his face while walking over, he opened his mouth to speak only to find her lips upon his. Surprised, he didn’t do anything, which made her upset. For someone that had given a gift, he wasn’t taking the reciprocation in kind. Stepping back slowly – couldn’t make it look like a mistake – while mentally trying to come up with a way out of this. “That was for the present, a bit out of my tastes, but still kind of you.”

He blinked. “What present?”

Impatient now, she replied with, “The necklace I found in my room after the last Hogsmeade weekend.”

“Pansy, that wasn’t me. I haven’t given any presents this year yet, and least of all to a person that turned me down for a Malfoy, a murderous one at that.” Frowning, Michael walked away unaware of the now curious stares of his schoolmates.

Pansy hadn’t forgotten though. Taking a deep breath, she walked over to her table, pretending the incident meant nothing to her and started speaking to Millicent and Daphne. However, mentally she was shaken. She was no closer to the truth than she had been weeks ago. If he wasn’t the giver, then who was?

Title: Under The Mistletoe
Title: Silver and Gold
Word Count: 903
Theme: Open (Week 4)
A/N: Last one darling. I hope you enjoyed the series. I thought about doing an alternate between Neville/Luna and Ron/Pansy, but really, Pansy wouldn’t let me think of anything else. Thank you for letting me write one of my favorite characters.

School had ended for the holidays, and now she was wrapped up in a warm, fuzzy blanket on Christmas morning. The house was quiet still, even though it was nearly eight o’clock and weak light was coming through the windows. At Charlotte’s age on Christmas morning, she had been in the living room quietly unwrapping presents while her parents looked on. Apparently her sister had no use for being excited over receiving ghastly expensive presents, or grateful. That wasn’t too surprising however; given the way the child was spoiled – she made Pansy feel as if she was barely kept up – frequently and never wanted for a thing in life.

Disgusted by her family’s lack of Christmas spirit – the family didn’t even have a tree this year because it was too gauche, according to Mrs. Malfoy, the reigning queen of society, even if the men in her family were on the lam or locked away – she walked downstairs and started unwrapping a present from her mother. An hour later, she had discovered four jumpers, three blouses, two emerald and diamond rings (one from each parent), a slip announcing an additional hundred Galleons in her bank account, and a pair of trousers that would make all the other Slytherin girls’ jealous. A perfectly acceptable outcome, but it still felt odd without the tree.

Just as she was about to head back to bed (the elves could clean this mess up; it was their job after all), an owl landed on a windowsill. Allowing the bird in, she noticed a small package no bigger than book attached to his foot. After the bird had a few treats and left, Pansy opened the note first. “Pansy, even though you’ve been a naughty girl this year, I heard that you didn’t have one of these. If you figure out the color scheme, perhaps you won’t make a wrong assumption this time on who I am. Michael Corner? Are you daft, woman? Wait, never mind, I know you are. Happy Christmas, Kris Kringle.” Tearing into the paper, she squealed with delight. Inside laid a small tree, no bigger than her hand, with silver and gold ornaments hanging, and small star on top. It was really was quite clever, and did brighten her mood considerably. She placed it on the side table with a mirror behind it. Beautiful.

The note made her curious, though. The color scheme: silver and gold; what could that represent, and the fact the person was bold enough to mention that aberration on her judgment meant they knew her. So gold and bold: Gryffindor then; that was part of the answers to the clues given. The remaining question was who. This obviously wasn’t the work of a girl, so they were out. That left few men to choose from: Potter, Finnigan, Thomas, Weasley, and Longbottom. The younger set wasn’t even worth considering. Starting with Potter, she took them all out of the running: Potter wouldn’t dare to try and consort with someone who had touched Draco; Finnigan was too Irish for her tastes and their problems earlier in the beginnings of Hogwarts had kept them from liking each other much in any case; Thomas was too devoted to Finnigan, and besides, he had liked the Weasley chit, even after she dumped him; the boy Weasley was a tad too impulsive and explosive to consider her, though she had caught him looking at her occasionally in the past year; and finally, Longbottom, who didn’t have eyes for anyone but Loony Lovegood. Of the options, only Weasley was the one who had shown any interest. Of course, it could have been because of the package incident; being publicly humiliated could do that to a person.

It couldn’t be Weasley. It simply wasn’t possible. Was it? Just then her family came down the stairs; it was Charlotte’s hour. That meant all her presents and thoughts had to be locked away to make sure Charlotte had the ultimate experience. Two hours and forty presents later, it was time to get ready to make the rounds on the important families and wishing Christmas cheer on them. In between the commotion, she sent an owl to the suspected giver and awaited an answer.

In the evening, another owl, a small, energetic animal that looked a tad nutty, flew in with a final message. “Figured it out, did you? About bloody time. Hermione took less time than you did, and at least she had the good taste to date a champion, and not a wanker like Corner. Now, where’s my gift? – Ron.” Rolling her eyes at the impatience coming through the letter, she fastened a bow to a silver spoon and attached it to the owl, along with a note of “The only silver spoon your family will gain. Happy Christmas. Pansy.”

An odd present, she’d admit, but she had to do something to remind him who had the upper hand in this arrangement, even if it hadn’t been her idea. Silver and gold, aloof and fierce; what an interesting return to the school they’d have, once they figured out just how this was going to work. After all, Slytherins and Gryffindors didn’t date, and certainly not the queen and the joker (even if he never managed to understand why he gained the nickname among some students). This would prove to be a challenge, and she never backed down from one of those.
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