Thea (devilishmuse) wrote,

Midnight in Montgomery

Title: Midnight in Montgomery
Author: veracity
Rating: PG
Characters: Weir
Word Count: 814
Beta: daisycm83 (thank you!)
Spoilers: Up to “The Return, Part 1” (3.10).
Summary: There are things worth risking death for.
Disclaimer: Don't own. If I did, the womenfolk would have more storylines.
Notes: Song by Alan Jackson inspired the piece, though it doesn’t really stay in the realm.I usually don’t write Weir, simply because I don’t understand her all that much. This is an attempt at changing that, since I really do enjoy the complexities of her character, especially this season. Ah, and I'm doing my best to remain unspoiled, so if you comment, keep that in mind, okay?

Midnight in Montgomery
Tags: elizabeth weir, sga
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