Thea (devilishmuse) wrote,

Instinct, PG-13

Title: Instinct
Genre: Gen
Character: Ford
Word Count: 1615
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Beta: the wonderful kate98
Disclaimer: I own lint, nothing else.
Rating: PG-13 [for language, content]
Summary: They would feel it, understand, and then listen.
Spoilers: Up to "The Hive" (Season 2), then completely AU, I think.
Notes: This was intended to be part of the Earthside Challenge at sga_flashfic, but it didn’t turn out that way. My muse went off in another direction. Some parts are from stories I’ve spent the last 12 years hearing about on the odd holiday. I’d say it’s kind of dark too, not overly happy. Oh, and credit for the taunt goes to [info]strangelogic. All additional mistakes are my own after Kate betaed.

Tags: ford, sga
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