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Whedonland Drabbles

Whedonland Drabbles from various prompts over the past 5 months.

Title:The Most
Fandom: Angel
Rating: G
Characters: Fred
Prompt: favorite things
Summary: Family traditions always centered around food.

She missed tacos the most. The kind her mama made when her cousins Mary and Kevin came over on Sundays after church. The meat was always spicy with fresh vegetables and green chiles. Shells just so crunchy and good. Not to mention the dozen different kinds of cheese that changed depending on her mama’s mood. Kevin would spill his all over a raggedy tee shirt, which meant that someone had to wash it afterwards. Of course, he ate at least ten. Thankfully that was a drop in the bucket and no one did without.

Once, she had a broken wisdom tooth taken out and her mom actually used the blender to make sure that she could still sit at the table and enjoy family time. From the age of two until she left for L.A., every Sunday had the same schedule.

Living in a cave, away from the strange creatures, away from being called a cow and being an open commodity, made the isolation stronger. All she wanted to do was sit at the table, Daddy and Mama at the ends, with cousins and aunts all crowded around, sharing stories and gossip.

Yeah, she missed tacos the most.

Title: Bright Shadows
Fandom: Angel
Rating: G
Characters: Phantom Dennis
Prompt: favorite things
Summary: What Dennis misses the most.

When the new tenants moved in, he hid. Didn’t appear or make a peep, didn’t even move a saltshaker for six months; convinced she was coming back. After all, she had solved the biggest problem that had plagued him for sixty years and kept the house clean…well, cleanish. Cleaner than the woman in the 70s, who lined the floors with pull up shag carpeting and allowed the dog to pee on it.

No, Cordelia was a great roommate. His favorite, in fact. And without anyone visiting, he missed her and thought about fading away. But what would happen if she managed to reappear and didn’t know anyone? After all, it’d happened before. So he waited. Then the city rumbled from below, something bad was on the horizon, and he had to leave. Oh, but he wanted to wait for his friend, who told all her secrets and knew they were safe.

When the walls caved in, right before he moved on, he caught a brief glimpse. Maybe the vampire hadn’t told him the truth, hadn’t helped, or cared, but she did and it was glorious. Suddenly, he knew it would be okay. She didn’t need protection anymore. When the city crumbled and the bright lights dimmed, he met her as he used to be.

Title: The Final Battle
Fandom: Buffy
Summary: The end of the battle and everything seen.
Prompt: So long as it's Whedon related, your golden. Let's go with a 20 line maximum, however, just to keep things simple. Any sort of poem will do--free verse, haiku, whatever.

Glassy eyes,
Empty souls,
Still bodies.

Crumbling from below,
Caves turn into chasms,
Devouring everything within reach.

Gods and devils,
Good and evil,
One and many fight.

Endless blue skies cry from high above,
Ruby red rivers rush,
Death claims those buried beneath.

Title: Really Miss You Much
Rating: PG
Fandom: Buffy
Character: Joyce
Word Count: 300
Cover Art: here.

The pillow was wet, cheek cold, as she rolled over and reached out. Not that the missing person ever slept in this bed. Didn’t work that way. But memories have a way overriding what was in an effort to make the pain a little less engulfing. She thought when he left, that was the dullest ache of all, of being a single mom at this age and two girls to raise on her own in a new town and a hastily taken job.

That ache was nothing compared to the ache of a missing child, of a missing part of your soul, of someone who you didn’t really know. Sure her youngest was still around, needing attention and care, but it wasn’t the same. The oldest had been the first, the one that held the brunt of misery and shame when it escaped past that mental wall of a failed marriage, broken life.

There was no telling where Buffy was, or even if she was alive or dead. No, she thought she would know if her slayer had died; that connected soul thing. Kicking her out had been stupid, monumentally, based on fear and old prejudices against those different. But looking back, examining things, Buffy had always helped quiet down the evil this town seemed to breed. Somehow, someway, it wasn’t quite as safe anymore. There was an oppressive air, even if Buffy’s friends thought they were hiding nightly patrols from her. They weren’t. She let the lie stand, though. At least they were doing something, instead of falling apart and falling down on the most important job she could ever have.

All she wanted was her little blonde bouncy girl back, who was turning into the strongest young woman Joyce had ever known: far stronger than her disintegrating mother.

Title: Daydream Believer
Rating: G
Fandom: Buffy
Character: Buffy
Prompt: I go to sleep

Blonde hair fanned over an open textbook and desk as the professor droned on about why x must equal z in order to make p equal 4. It’s wasn’t like this was useful information for a slayer, so Buffy closed her eyes and decided that all night patrolling wasn’t conducive with an early algebra class. Besides, Will would fill her in and help with homework later. Silently yawning and slipping into a light sleep, drool started to pool on the notebook of paper.

“Miss Summers!”

Jumping awake, Buffy opened her eyes to find Professor Madoff in front of her desk, tweed jacket entirely too much like Giles. Frown, too. One would think stuffy librarian attire wouldn’t be worn by a 39-year-old brunette teacher that might actually be pretty with a complete personality makeover.

“Yes, professor?”

“What’s the answer to problem five?” A short pause. “Without Ms. Rosenberg’s help, please.”

“Um, five?”

“Please remove yourself out of my classroom until you can manage to stay awake long enough to learn something. Thank you.” With a quick turn, the professor moved back to the white board to finish the lesson while Buffy packed her bag and walked out of class.

Well, on the plus side, if she didn’t get kicked out of college, nap times looked to be increasing, so patrolling would be a breeze.

Title: In Death
Rating: G
Fandom: Buffy
Characters: Cordelia Chase
Prompt: Death scene

It was nothing like the movies said.

There were no angels heralding down or a warm glow that transitioned the body from the soul. Ha, no. Thanks to inferring gods and ambivalent higher powers with a guilt-ridden vampire as the scapegoat, death was much slower than that.

This sucked.

It sucked to have a corporeal astral projection that felt everything but still wasn’t real. It sucked to be saying goodbye to the people who mattered again.

It just sucked.

Cordelia Chase, baddest bitch in all of Sunnydale’s history, went out with a loud, piercing beep that spanned an entire building.

Title: Bloody Sundae
Rating: G
Fandom: Buffy
Characters: Faith, Buffy
Prompt: bad fic

Faith sat on the ground and cried (it's OOC I KNOW, OKAY, BUT THIS IS MY FIC!) and cried. Buffy was stupid and mean and rude. So snotty over stupid things like boys. Did Faith mention B was mean? Cause she was. Poor Joyce should have been Faith's mommmy since Faith appreciated her. Didn't yell or run away. Okay, she was a little mean sometimes, but Joyce understood! She knew she did. Cause Joyce was awesome like Faith! Not like stupid Buffy.

Faith touched her bloody lip. Buffy was such a bratty bratload bitch. Someone should teach her a lesson. You don’t hit other people unless they deserved it! Scoping someone’s ex was not a hitable offense, especially in this godforsaken town where everyone dated everyone. It was like a demented Beverly Hills 90210.

Faith started laughing. And laughing more. It was gonna be fun time soon. This was a boring, boring town.

At least the Mayor likeded her! Oh, yeah. First she needed to go kick someone's ass on that stupid game. Ugh. Nerds. So deserved it! Willow totally learned that lesson.

Give-by-five. Jumping up, she ran to the condo and shimmed sexily out of her leather pants for the guy in the building across the street that always had his telescope on her. Then she put on a cute shirt and cut off jeans. Time to kill things.

Tags: angel, buffy, challenge, cordy, dennis, fred, joyce
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